Rotterdam based synthesist Chris David a.k.a. OSC1899 is collecting and playing synthesizers since 2007. About 3 years ago he entered the modular synth scene and met mr. Noodlebar Mono-poly at one of the Noodlebar events. His first modular synth gig followed soon and he did a live performance for Noodlebar at BAR.

Uptil now OSC1899 has build up an interesting track record of live performances. To name a few: Freerotation, Electric Deluxe, Kuru Festival, LeGuessWho, Pitch Festival, Sines&Squares, STRP, Todaysart and Noodlefest. "A lot of live performances are held under the moniker of the Noodlebar Soundsystem. But I also performed live under my own signature." 

Since late 2016 OSC1899 consists of two members; Chris David and Willemijn Ketting. Willemijn has a musical degree on arrangement and composition. Also she is deeply interested in synthesis and soundscaping.









Photo taken during my first modular live performance ever at BAR Rotterdam